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Khovsgol Lake & National Park


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Try to imagine a 2760 sq km (1080 sq mi) alpine lake, with water so pure you can drink it. Then add dozens of 2000m (6560ft) mountains, thick pine forests, and lush meadows with grazing yaks and horses, and you have a vague impression of Khovsgol Lake, Mongolia's top scenic landmark. This is the deepest lake in Central Asia, and the world's 14th largest source of fresh water. Situated along the border with Russia, the lake is sacred to local Mongolians, who refer to it as 'mother'. It's full of fish and the area is home to sheep, ibex, bear, and moose, as well as over 200 species of birds. There are numerous caves around the lake, though they're hard to find without a guide. Three separate peoples live in the area: Darkhad Mongols, Buryats and Tsaatan. Khovsgol freezes in winter, allowing huge trucks carrying fuel to cross from Siberia. Visitors can kayak on the lake when it unfreezes, and hike or ride horses (or yakback) around it.

Below are few top destinations of Lake Khovsgol area:

  • Egiin Gol River. An amazing 90 rivers flow into the lake Khovsgol, but only a single river flows out - the Egiin Gol, which ultimately reaches Lake Baikal in Siberia (Russia) streching for ~ 400km. The River is reach with fish. Among common species are taimen, a distant relative of the Atlantic salmon, lenok (a type of trout), grayling and pike.

  • Shiishigt River (Shiishigt gol) is a mid size stream. It begins in Darhadyn Hot Gor valley (Khovsgol Province), flows in and out of the lake Tsagaan (White Lake) and eventually empties its waters into Russian Kyzyl Khem River after traveling for about 240km. Shiishigt river is particularly known for its marshy banks covered with many small lakes, which provide great environment for fish and bird populations.

  • Tsaagan Lake is a magestic place with some 200 lakes around. The area is completely dominated by taiga forests and small mountains. A remarkable nomadic people called the Tsaatan live here. They are reindeer breeding-nomads living in dwellings that resemble tepees or Lapp tents. If you like to fish, Taimen comes in impressive sizes here, and the fishing is best in September.

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