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Russia Siberia (Eastern) / Ulan-Ude (Buryat Republic)

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Route: - Lake Baikal Ring - Ulan-Ude (Buryat Republic) - Irkutsk - Severobaikalsk
Duration:5 days/4 nights
Date:upon request
Discounts:%40 (2 people);
%50 (3 people);
Difficulty:Medium activity
Cost:3 129 USD
per 1 person

Barguzin Bay

Rare Sable

  Barguzin Nature Reserve

 View from the St. Nose Peninsula's highest point

Nature reserves and national parks occupy 2 percent of the territory of the Russian Federation. This is nearly 37 million hectares! 100 nature reserves have introduced strict measures to preserve wildlife, the oldest of them is the Barguzin reserve, which was founded east of Lake Baikal in 1916. The measures made it possible to preserve intact the beautiful mountain taiga with its famous inhabitant - the Barguzin sable, known for its sparkling dark fur. Besides the famouse Siberian sable, there are foxes, bears (approximately 250), hermeline and others. The full size of the Reserve is between 248000 and 375000 ha. Tourists need a permission to enter the nature reserve and the number of permits granted annually is limited. Book early.


  • The oldest Russian Nature Reserve since 1916.
  • Enjoy the contrast of mountains, tundra & alpine meadows.
  • Soak in the natural baths of hot springs along the shores.
  • Barguzin fauna is presented by 874 plants, where 7 are relic.
  • Barguzin flora is presented by 39 animals & 260 bird species.
  • Baikal waters near Barguzin host close to 50 species of fish.
  • Feel complete wilderness and endlessness of the Siberia.

    Route and Schedule: Click here for a Map-Scheme

    Day 1 - Ulan-Ude city
    Drive from Ulan-Ude city to Ust-Barguzin town (~ 360km225mi or 6-7 hours). Upon arrival, check in at the local family B&B. After short break and introduction to the family, hike through the forest to the shores of the "Barguzin" Bay of the Lake Baikal, where we will climb (~ 4km one way) to the sightseeing point called “Panorama of the Barguzin Bay and St. Nose peninsula”.

    Day 2 - Ust – Barguzin town
    Drive into the Barguzin Reserve from Ust-Barguzin town via Glinka and Monakhovo villages (~ 42km all together). The road is in very poor condition, mud and bumps. The speed will not exceed 30km/hour. From Ust-Barguzin town to Glinka village (25km), the road goes over Chivirkyisky stretch connecting mainland with the St. Nose Peninsula. The stretch is known for the marshes with rare population of birds and Bormashevie Lakes famous for hot springs and mineral-rich mud. From Glinka village to Monakhovo village (~ 17km), the road is much better and goes through the forest. Upon arrival to Monakhovo village, feel free to join local Russian tourist for a swim in the warm waters of Chivirkyisky Bay surrounded by the Barguzin mountain range. After short break, we will board a local boat for 1 hour tour with stops at small Islands and thermal springs. At the end of the day, we will drive back to Glinka village. Overnight is on the shores of Barguzin Bay in tents next to the footsteps of Barguzin mountains.

    Day 3 - Barguzin Bay
    After breakfast, we will start the climbing hike to the highest point of the St. Nose Peninsula (1,877km/1,173 miles). Despite the fact that the climbing path is only 4km/2.5mi, it will require good physical condition from hikers. First few hours the hike is relatively easy and steady, but it is quickly switched to a steep (35-40 degrees) hills rotated with short flat stretches. The top part is pretty rocky covered with the dense bushes called “stlannik”, which are hard to get through. Estimated time of hiking is 6 hours. You will be tired at the end, but also awarded by a great view of “Ushkanskie” Islands, “Chivirkyisky” and “Barguzinsky” Bays. After a short break and sightseeing, we will start descending (~ 4-5 hours). Overnight at the same tent camp on the shore of Barguzin Bay near Glinka village.

    Day 4 - Barguzin Bay
    Rest, swim, enjoy and hike around for half of the day. In afternoon, we will drive to Ust – Barguzin town with short stops for picnic (upon request). Upon arrival to Ust-Barguzin town, check in at the family B&B. If interested, you are welcome to experience Russian banya. Supper. Overnight at the B&B.

    Day 5: - Ust-Barguzin town
    Drive back to Ulan-Ude city (6-7 hours drive).


  • Bilingual guide;
  • Assistant guide-driver;
  • Accommodations as decribed (home stay/tents);
  • Full board as described;
  • Private transportation as described;
  • Basic gear and camping equipment;
  • National Park fees;
  • Arrival Meeting & Transfer in Ulan-Ude city;
  • Russian tourist visa support, 30 day, single entry;

    Not included:

  • Accommodations in Ulan-Ude;
  • Health/Evacuation/Travel/Life Insurance;
  • First Aid Kit;
  • Visa and Registration cost;
  • Air/Rail fares to/from Ulan-Ude;

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  • You will need to carry a rucksack of approximately 12-14kg.
  • Bring: insect repellent, flash light, sweater or light jacket, cap depending on weather, swim suite, sun glasses, snacks;
  • Be prepared to take a "shower" in the lake if needed, fight mosquitoes and share mutual "body inspections" with the guide or your team member for ticks.
  • If personal hygiene is an issue-bring your own sleeping bags.
  • All meals are cooked on the open fire.
  • Carry toilet paper with you all the time.

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