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Russia Ural Mountains / Perm

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Duration:7 hours
Date:upon request
Discounts:%35 (2 people);
%40 (3 people); %40 (4 people);
Difficulty:Not applicable
Cost:414 USD
- per person

  Perm36 - the Gulag story

The Perm-36 museum, a former GULAG camp for political prisoners is, in a way, unique. It was established back in 1946 when the timber-logging ITK-6 (corrective labor colony) was transferred to the village of Kutchino (100km from Perm city). Many hundreds of "highly dangerous State criminals" were processed through Perm-36 camp. Among the prisoners were those sentenced for collaboration with the German occupation authorities during the years of the WWII. There were some other prisoners sentenced for "high treason", espionage. But the majority were charged with purely political crimes, such as the "anti-Soviet agitation and propaganda". The names of many of the political dissenters became well-known in the world. Remembering the fate of political prisoners and reminding of human rights are the aims of the memorial museum Perm-36.



[Option 1] - 7 hours, driving, with bilingual guide;
Our driver and the guide will meet you at the hotel or arrival point. Quick introduction, get to know each other, and begin the tour. The drive to the camp site takes about 1.5-2 hours, paved road. The excursion usually lasts for 2-3 hours. After the tour, you will be invited for a lunch, short introduction to the Kutchino village. If time allows, visit a local open-air history Museum of the Chusovaya River (~ 20km from Perm-36 site). Return to Perm. We will drop you off at the hotel. Museum business hours 10am to 5pm, Monday is closed.

- Private car w/personal driver, gasoline;
- Bilingual guide;
- Entrance Ticket;
- Lunch;

Not included:
- Accommodations;
- Breakfast, Supper, Snacks
- Travel/Medical Insurance;

Special tour-related note:
Perm-36 Museum hours: 10AM - 5PM (closed on Mondays)

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