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Monument to the Philosophers in Uzbekistan

  • Philosophy
    We understand that our travel destinations hardly compare to the Bahamas or Hawaii when it comes to the number of travelers or infrastructure. Thus, we plan and work accordingly. Most of our tours and services are tailored towards individual and small group travel.

  • Team work
    Team work is really the core of all our operations. We select Regional partners very carefully and know each one of them personally. Problem solving attitude and punctuality are two main features of our partners.

  • Quality and Clarity
    We are a very romantic and travel loving company. But we also realize that romance and excitement must be supported by a well developed infrastructure and a clear, step-by-step, booking system. With this in mind, the first step is the special design of our web site that allows you to book your trip on-line using the "duffle bag/shopping cart" system. We hope the layout of our site is also convenient and easy to navigate when you are looking for specific information. Lastly, with more than 10 years experience working in the Russia/Asia travel market, our leading specialists will quickly make you feel comfortable and convinced that you are talking to the right people.

  • Innovation and Creativity
    Along with popular and standard destinations, we have the capability and network to take you to places very few foreign travelers have ever been. Start with our "BAM Railway" destinations...

  • Satisfaction and Variety
    The desire of traveling to Russia, Mongolia, Central Asia and China is often generated by an interest in history, art, literature, mystery and intrigue, romance, and family heritage. For many years these destinations were not offering conveniences we usually associate with travel in the West. But times have changed. Most standard services found in the West are also found in capitals and major cities of our destination countries. We would be glad and are prepared to meet your standards. In addition, Sokol Tours will guide you through local attractions and little pleasures of life enjoyed by locals.


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