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Destinations \ Russia Siberia (Eastern)

Russia Siberia (Eastern)

Winter fun

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Eastern Siberia strikes us with its natural beauty. This land is home to the world's deepest and oldest of all lakes - Lake Baikal. The lake is nestled between the Sayan and Baikal mountains and holds approximately one-fifth of the melted fresh water on Earth. Untouched evergreen forests, rocks, and several waterfalls cause many to refer to the area as a "Siberian Switzerland.” There are over 200 caves noted for their exotic beauty, underground rivers, stalactites, and stalagmites. Caves compete with the stolby (rocky pillars), mostly pink-brown crystalline rocks. Over the course of millions of years of rains and winters, frost and sunshine have carved fantastic figures out of the stones. Some of them reach 100 meters in height. In the contours of the pillars, we often see a strong resemblance to birds, animals, and people. Read more about Eastern Siberia here... or related media sources The Siberian Times



Abakan (Khakasia Republic)
Kyzyl (Tuva Republic)
Listvyanka village
Olkhon Island Area
Ulan-Ude (Buryat Republic)


Lake Hovsgul (Mongolia)
Trans-Siberian Railway
BAM Railway
Trans-Manchurian Railway
Trans-Mongolian Railway
Circum-Baikal Railway
Lake Baikal Ring

Siberian taiga Olkhon Island near Khuzhir villageNorthern Baikal


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