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Russia European (Central)

Russian Troika

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You can surely call Central European Russia the mother of Russian Civilization. For many centuries and of course still today it has shaped the country's politics and economy. At its heart is the capital, Moscow, a city that has grown from humble beginnings over 852 years ago to beat out competing cities to hold this honor. Moscow has not always been the capital. In the very early days it was moved around to different cities until the Bolsheviks moved it back in 1918. The exact history of the first settlers in Central European Russia is not clear. The first written record is dated 500 B.C. It was found around the Pripet River marshes and it is believed that Slavic people, with many elements of Iranian culture, migrated from the south. Traveling through Central European Russia is very interesting and adventurous. It is like traveling through a time machine. Ancient cathedrals reflecting Byzantine Empire, Mosques of the Golden Horde Empire mixed with Soviet era monuments and recently built skyscrapers will make you wonder about human power of survival, curiosity and desire to create.



Nizhny Novgorod
Sergeev Posad
Yoshkar-Ola (Mari El Republic)


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Yasnaya Polyana

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