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Lake Baikal Ring

The ring

Often called the Pearl of Siberia, Lake Baikal is a natural wonder that almost defies description. Its 1600 meter (almost 1 mile) depth holds 20% of all the freshwater (melted condition) on the planet. It is fed by 336 rivers and streams that flow from the surrounding mountains and all parts of Siberia and it is estimated that it took over 400 years for these rivers and streams to fill the lake up originally. It is considered the oldest lake in the world.


on YouTube

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Combo (<10 days) / Irkutsk & Lake Baikal highlights
Combo (<10 days) / Rafting the Irkut River
Combo (<10 days) / Trekking Baikal
Combo (<10 days) / Where Cultures Meet
Day/Weekend / Arshan - the Saint Springs of Siberia
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Day/Weekend / Meeting Lake Baikal
Day/Weekend / Old Believers of Eastern Siberia
Day/Weekend / Olkhon Island-the Siberian Alcatraz
Excursion / Irkutsk the City
Excursion / Noble Siberia
Excursion / Visit to Shaman
Expeditions / Barguzin Nature Reserve
Rail / Rail Tour of Circumbaikal Railway

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