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Destinations \ Waterways \ Yenisei River (Russia)

Yenisei River (Russia)

  Yenisei River view near Krasnoyarsk city

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"vast, giant, handsome creature...The Yenisei River..." It splits Russia right in the middle, straight from South to North for about 2,500 mi (4,020 km). The Basin area is the second largest in Russia (former USSR) and 7th in the world stretching for 2605 square kilometers from Tuva Republic on the Russian-Mongolian border to Arctic circle.

Formed by Sayan mountains and confluence of Big and Small Yenisei rivers, first it flows westward for some time, then turns and stays north for the most part passing Minusinsk, Krasnoyarsk, Yeniseisk, and Igarka cities. Final destination of the River is Kara sea of Arctic ocean, where Yenisei empties millions of cubic meters of water through a 250 mi (400 km) long and 150km wide delta. The Angara, Stony Tunguska, Lower Tunguska, Abakan and Turukhan rivers are the Yenisei's main tributaries among 20 thousand others.

The river is frozen during winter months (October-late May). In the spring ice of upper Yenisei starts melting earlier than the lower parts of northern section, causing extensive flooding and breath taken views. As soon the ice is gone, the lumber, grain, and construction materials load Yenisei with many ships turning the River into live artery between Arctic port Igarka and Trans-Siberian Railroad.

At the beginning, in Sayan mountains, the river is very turbulent, with many rapids, and is a great place for rafters. Sturgeon and salmon are fished in the Yenisei's lower reaches, which is the main source for living to many local villagers.


Day/Weekend / Rocky Pillars Nature Reserve

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