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Destination :  Ulan-Ude (Buryat Republic)

Accommodation type :  Home Stay

Accommodation category :  Economy

Location :  Varies

Address :  Ulan-Ude City

Amenities & Services :  Private Room, bed, desk, TV, washer (upon request)

Dinning :  Dinning with the family is upon request (~ $6-7 per meal)

Low Season Period :  15 Sep-20 Dec / 15 Jan-15 May

High Season Period :  20 Dec-15 Jan / 15 May-15 Sep


  • Mr. Obozhin/Mrs. Dulbeeva family of 4:
    Mr. Alexander Obozhin (midst 40s), Mrs. Irina Dulbeeva (early 40s), son Andrey (14-16 years old), daughter Anya (11-13 years old) + cat + dog live in the city center in their 2 bedroom apartment located on the 1st floor of the 5 story building. Irina is a doctor. She and children speak good-medium English. Alexander is a teacher of biology and chemistry at local high school. The family is very active and outgoing. They love meeting people, travel, camping, socializing, music and helping to get around. There are no smokers. In the summer (June - September), the whole family takes frequent trips to the summer house (dacha) outside of Ulan-Ude. Guests are welcome to join.

  • Kharaev Family of 2:
    Mr. Alexander Kharaev (son) and Ms. Genrietta Kharaev (mother) live 2 minutes away from central city square in the 2 bedroom apartment located on the 2nd floor of a multistory (soviet style) building. When they host guest (s), Alexander sleeps in the living room and guest (s) has the bedroom. There are plenty of options for commuting. Most buses, trams, trolleys pass through the city center. Genrietta is in her early 80s. She is retired now, but in the past was a teacher at the local University. Alexander is in his midst 40th. He is working in educational sphere, speaks English (medium level). Both Genrietta and Alexander do not smoke, love to spend time with friends and read. There are no pets in the apartment.

  • Ms. Nina Vasilievna Obozina family of 1:
    Ms. Nina Vasilievna lives alone in the 2 bedroom apartment within 5km/3mi from the city center on the 5th floor of the multistory building. It takes about 20-25 minutes to reach the historical city center by public transportation. Nina is in her late 70s. Right now she is retired, but use to work in the theater. Nina does not smoke, loves reading and spend time with her grandchildren. In the summer, twice a week, Nina spends 1-2 days at her summer house (dacha) outside of the city. For commuting, your can either take a bus, tram, trolley or private minibus from the nearby stop. There are no pets in the apartment.

  • Please note that your hosts are not authorized to registry visas!

  • All rates are tentative (medium), subject to change and confirmation.
  • The city reserves the right to turn off hot water for annual pipe maintenance.
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    75 USD
    Room type: Single
    Breakfast: Included
    Notes: 1 person / per night

    139 USD
    Room type: Double/Twin
    Breakfast: Included
    Notes: 2 people / per night

    185 USD
    Room type: Triple
    Breakfast: Included
    Notes: 3 people / per night

  • Dinner

    double sofa

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